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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cato June twitch central: Here you go, kids. We've got a candidate for understatement of the year:

Because of his body art and trash-talking on-field demeanor, June may not appear to be a humble, hard-working professional.
Good for you in any case, Cato. Those prone to seizures induced by unexpected images should look away:


Can anyone read this and tell me if it's good? Scoop Jackson wrote a huge long column on the Fab Five that I swear I tried to read. I couldn't do it, man. I'm pretty sure he expends many, many words talking about how goddamn black they were. (On further review... yep.)

These things [Cartman] seriously piss me off you guys [/Cartman]. Indeed they changed a lot of things. Notably, they changed the Michigan basketball program into a disaster zone. That only gets passing mention here because the downside of the OMG ATTITUDE(!) that is the Fab Five's true legacy hardly ever gets mentioned. With the baggy shorts came a lot of baggage you see reflected in people like Terrell Owens today, but try mentioning that as a negative side effect of the "urbanization"--and what a tidy euphemism that is--of sports and see how many different Jesse Jackson organizations sue you.

Also: I failed to "report" this when this "happened" but I'm a "loose cannon blogger" so you'll have to deal. Brent Petway is academically ineligible for the fall semester.

Diabolically friendly! Uh, yeah. SI On Campus decided to grace the Halloween post with a link for the better part of a day and traffic doubled-ish. If you're wondering, yes, this does somewhat dampen my enthusiasm for telling, say, Stuart Mandel to, say, "eat a dick." Er... again, that is. Definitely not a third time. Probably.

Delphi speaks. Bo:
"I don't know whether they can put it together or not; I really don't. ... They don't have a real good offensive line, their back is playing on one leg. The quarterback hasn't looked as good as they thought he would, and they lost a great receiver before the season, and now their safeties are out.

"Well, I don't know."
"They had so many injuries early, and they got off to a bad start and they didn't look good and they got beat by Notre Dame. ... They should never have lost to Notre Dame. My God, they had the ball down there and they should have won."