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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal --
3 Michigan 5
4 Auburn 1
5 Florida 1
6 West Virginia 6
7 Iowa --
8 Louisville 3
9 Texas --
10 Virginia Tech 6
11 Louisiana State 6
12 Tennessee 3
13 Oregon 1
14 Oklahoma 1
15 Notre Dame 11
16 Georgia 6
17 Michigan State 9
18 Boston College 2
19 Clemson 7
20 UCLA 3
21 Cal --
22 Nebraska 12
23 TCU 2
24 Boise State 1
25 Rutgers 1

Dropped Out: Florida State (#18), Miami (Florida) (#19), Pittsburgh (#24).

Sorry for the horrible lateness and thus inability to do the comment-revision thing. I was a little busy creating tributes to Brady Quinn early this week.

Games Seen: Michigan's BEATDOWN of ND, UF-UT, Pitt-MSU (DVR), USC-Nebraska (DVR), Iowa State-Iowa, Ohio State-Cincinnati, WVU-Maryland, bits of BYU-BC, and Auburn-LSU.

Ballot Notes:
  • Solid about who the top five are but not so sure of what order they should be in. If I was going by best victory only, UM and OSU would be 1-2, but I'm trying to guess who the best teams are so they aren't.
  • Actually not all that sold on USC since Nebraska's game plan against them was ridiculous: line up with three tight ends and run the ball. It was uberLloyd and insane, especially given that last year Nebraska's line was terrible and so was the run game. USC defense must have been laughing the whole game. The only reasonable explanation was that Callahan bet on Nebraska covering the spread and was trying to keep NU's loss to a manageable amount. I'll never hideously overrate a Bill Callahan team again. Frickin' idiot. [/Napoleon Dynamite]
  • Yeah: I think Pitt's defense is terrible but the only thing that stopped MSU all game was a series of penalties early. They deserve a spot.
  • Funny: apparently Oregon and Oklahoma were 13-14 a week ago; without looking I put them 13-14 this week and switched Oregon above Oklahoma. OU got jobbed hard, but I'm not ready to enter the twilight zone and put the Ducks below the Sooners.
  • Apparently I hate Georgia less this week.
  • Tennessee moves up three after losing? I guess. A one-point loss to #5 leapt UT over ND, who got BEAT DOWN, and the UO-OU couplet of controversy. I'm fine with it.
  • Voting for Rutgers but leaving off Miami and Florida State is awesome.