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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

courtesy reader JJ

More of my voice: Brief segment on Sports Bloggers Live where I talk about the Ryder Cup Michigan's heinous beatdown of Notre Dame.

One last dump of post-ND links before we turn our gaze cheeseward. EDSBS has kind words for Carr in the aftermath of his yoke-lifting BEATDOWN:
Watching Lloyd Carr following his team outclassing Notre Dame was outright moving. A podium; a man looking fresh from a shower, dressed in slightly rumpled clothes, standing in front of flashbulbs, cameras, and the collected eyes of a few hundred people and looking completely and pleasantly dumbfounded at the performance of his team. Carr earned great soul points for his genuine awe at Michigan’s game and his player’s maxing out their potential in the span of two quarters. It began at the half, when Carr seemed near speechless at his team’s piston-blowing execution of the gameplan, and continued through post-game when Carr gave his players and coaches total credit for the masterpiece without a counterfeit sentiment for false note. Carr had the look of a man whose head had been down so long at the yoke he couldn’t understand just what he’d plowed through to get there. To see that, a 62 year old stunned by the effort and commitment of a crew of 18-22 year olds on his behalf, had to warm even the most grizzled and Lloyd Carrish of hearts.
I wanted to cut bits of it so you could RTWT over there but what to slash? Would be a sin. So I must tease you thus: hilarious Manningham bit and reference to fictional "March of the Victors" song.

From the scene:

The O-Zone's Michigan Monday has been given a bit of pause:
I can sit here and tell you that they've been impressive where they've wanted to be impressive this season, and you can go ahead and choose to believe that the schedule has had more to do with Michigan's success than Michigan.

I would disagree.

ND "vlog" -- someone really has to do something about that word -- The Extra Point has a couple interesting breakdowns of various plays from the game in depressed-Domer fashion. Only one sarcastic swipe at Big Ten refs, even. (Via IBFC. Make sure you check the surprisingly hilarious fake news article captured for posterity, too.)

Personal accounts from Sam @ Blue Cats and Red Sox, Dave @ Tikilounge (complete with Sandwich of Victory), and Tyler Brubaker (featuring MGoBlog shirts in action). Braves & Birds has assorted thoughts as well.

Manningham and Woodley feature at numbers 4 and 5 in the latest MaxwellPundit balloting; Sports Illustrated picked a weird time to publish this baby about how the Dome is golden again and blah blah blah.

Badger Badger Badger: And now, finally, we turn our eyes to Wisconsin. The Journal-Sentinel theorizes that Michigan will pound it between the tackles; the Capital Times of Madison has an article on former Badger and current Wolverine secondary coach Ron Lee.

Etc.: Ohio Stadium's field is looking a lot like Michigan's before the field turf got installed. That's not good. TechCrunch has a fascinating article about a site that collects predictions from random people, finds a subset of them who are significantly more accurate than the populace at large, then offers to sell bettors their collected wisdom.