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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Right? Eight?

1. Calvin Johnson, GT

Off week. Still the platonic ideal when it comes to terrifying wide receivers. And velociraptors.


(Sorry, Mike... but it's badass.)

He didn't get any of the million sacks Michigan racked up versus Penn State but he was crushing the interior of the Penn State line the entire game. He had three QB hurries, including the thudding blow that removed the last of Anthony Morelli's sanity. He was double teamed in the run game and gave no ground. What does he have to do, return punts?

3. Troy Smith, OSU not being asked to do much, but has been implausibly efficient when directed to use his robot body to robot throw the robot ball. Still, numbers seem sort of hollow to me. That's just me.

4. Lamarr Woodley, Michigan

He's tied for eighth in the nation for sacks and he's better against the run. Two defensive linemen from the same team on one MaxwellBallot? Shameless homerism? Perhaps, but with Peterson and Wolfe gone, but one quarterback really asserting himself, and only Johnson checking in at WR, the field is wide open for defensive players.

5. um... er.

Is there anyone left?

5. Steve Slaton, WVU

He's fast! He's playing against children!