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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Best Pac-10 Blog

FOR: The best blog covering either one Pac-10 school or the conference as a whole.

RUNNER-UP: Building The Dam. The SBNation Oregon State blog got to celebrate a baseball national championship this year, but that doesn't count here. What does count is an entertaining, ongoing prediction competition between BTD, an XBox, and a coin that BTD won... and the coin took second. Woo coin!

WINNAH: Every Day Should Be... wait a minute. Bruins Nation. Leading the nation in anti-coach invective since they were "Fire Karl Dorrell" on blogspot, Bruins Nation is without question the most passionate, partisan blog out there. And they don't like Karl Dorrell. The USC victory provided a short-lived honeymoon for the embattled Bruin coach...
To me the most amazing moment from last night's game was to see Coach Dorrell huddle with his team in the midfield, jumping up and down, BREATHING FIRE, eyeing directly at Pom Pom's classless thugs. I will remember that image for rest of my life.
...but giving up four billion points to the previously punchless Jeff Bowden-led Seminoles? Uh, honeymoon over. He's the "worst coach since WWII," when it was MacArthur. After the Emerald Bowl they "had that Lavin feeling," which is rhetorical genius right there in one compact headline. Emblematic of the passion and fandom in sportsblogging, I present Bruins Nation, the best Pac-10 blog of 2006.