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Thursday, February 01, 2007

GBW reports that Quebec defensive tackle Renaldo Sagesse has decommitted from Illinois and chosen Michigan. Another in the three-star brigade but the only DT in the class thus far. Informative update coming.

Update: Did I say "informative"? What I meant was "not informative." Sagesse, being a Canadian, has been largely overlooked by gurus. ESPN gives him the "40" they give all unrated players. Scout doesn't rank him. Rivals tags him with a fairly generic three stars. What we know:

He is a large man. 6'4", 320. No tweener, this guy. DT all the way.

He is also intimidating-looking, as befits a defensive tackle:


He committed to Illinois over interest from Minnesota and Wisconsin. His decommit seems prompted largely by issues getting his Canadian transcript past Illinois admissions. Michigan, having recruited French-Canadians like Emanuel Casseus, Alain Kashama, and the immortal Deitan Dubuc in the past, had no such issues.

He digs our installations. A player diary from some all-star game or another is in the language of love, and cheese, and surrender. Always-hilarious babelfish translation:
Today was the last practice before our match of championship. Before practising, one made a visit of the campus of the university of Michigan State. I noticed that in the United States football has a very important place in the American company. The installations of Michigan State are very beautiful, and one could see the ground of close relation. It was not badly exciting to see a ground of the NCAA of close relation. Two days earlier, one had also been to see the installations of the university of Michigan, a university which is very famous in the United States. It was impressionant to see a so large university of my own eyes, the only problem was that the ground was in renovation.

With regard to our team, everyone seem conscious that tomorrow will be a very important match for us. After our video meeting with the trainers, one has to notice that same if the defensive line has to dominate has all the parts, we nevertheless made several mental errors, that it will be necessary to fix for the final. Side of all the defensive unit we dominated and it is what we must do for still another part if we want to gain the next match. We have several very good players in offensive as with the defensive thus we have just to do each one our work to be likely to gain the gold medal.

It would be the fun to be able to gain this championship and to become champions of the world. However, nothing is given free thus tomorrow the things will be not badly more intérressante. Before leaving I would like to say THANK YOU to my family for reception for all that it one does for me and I would as like to say to my family and to my friends as tomorrow, I will try to return to the house with a gold medal to my neck.

Peace out [In English -ed]
So there you go. This guy's a complete wildcard. He could be Kashama or he could be Biakabutuka. No one knows. I'll take a wildcard over an empty scholarship, especially at a position with no other recruits this year.