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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

At some point during last night's 6,102-0 loss to Michigan State, Steve Lavin compared Tommy Amaker's coaching style to that of Dean Smith. Naturally, this elicited a certain skepticism from anyone who has seen a Michigan basketball game in the last six years. But at MGoBlog we try to look beyond the conventional wisdom. Detailed research has revealed several similarities between Amaker and Dean Smith.

Without further ado, Ten Things Tommy Amaker And Dean Smith Have In Common:

  • The operation of clean programs that graduate their players
  • Notoriety in the ACC
  • A fondness for apples
  • Lack of participation in the War of 1812
  • Limbs
  • A powerful desire to sock Dick Vitale but good
  • A coaching career dedicated to humiliating Duke
  • A cutting-edge 1910 fashion sense
  • Neither improve Michigan players
  • Aaaand the same number of NCAA tournament bids over the last six years.
Steve Lavin knows what he's talking about, folks.