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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wait... is that bad in basketball?

Bedford verified. As noted on Signing Day, Vance Bedford is our once and future defensive backs coach:

Bedford, who coached the Wolverines' secondary for four seasons, including the 1997 co-national championship year, will coach the cornerbacks. He replaces Ron Lee , who spent one season at Michigan.
I think that "coach the cornerbacks" is erroneous and Bedford will be given responsibility for the entire secondary, but we'll have to see about that.

Toney Clemons to run fast. Our guru-approved WR recruit now shifts his focus towards his final high school track season. He's looking to bust the 110-meter hurdles state record held by Qadry Ismail:
"I could have had it last year at Mars, but I slowed down to celebrate at the finish line," Clemons said. "I should have just kept going full speed.

"I feel like I am way ahead of where I was last year at this time. I know I need a 13.9 to break the record."

Oh, it's on. The brewing Illinois-Notre Dame slapfight is sure to be entertaining, since Ron Zook is evidently a madman and Charlie Weis is incapable of offering a simple "no comment." Blue Gray Sky has a comprehensive slapfight recap for your edification. I can't wait for the next chapter.

It's not like he's wrong, but... Lester Abram on last night's game:
"Not being aware, not knowing the time on the clock, that's up to our guard to know the time and get everybody in line,'' Abram said, baffled. "Especially our point guards have to be more aware of what's going on during times like that. It was up to the guards, especially our point guard. He's the one handling the ball and with the ball in his hands. We've got to get in our offensive sets. I really don't know what else to say about that.''
I'm sure that will be good for team unity. Not even Amaker's players are bothering to hide their disgust with how poorly coached they are.

I don't know how reliable Terry Foster is, but a lot of other buzz confirms the general upshot of these horrifying few sentences:
I've got bad news. As it stands now Amaker will return as Michigan coach for the 2007-08 season no matter what. That is the word from the inside. Amaker will return to try to spin his latest recruiting class into something. There are a lot of folks who don't like it but they are not decision makers.

And before you fire arrows at Athletic Director Bill Martin, save it. It is not his call. This is from school president Mary Sue Coleman who loves the Amaker family and what it represents. [Utter failure? -ed.] She likes having him on campus and she likes the image he portrays.
You could send a huffy email to Mary Sue, but unless you have an awful lot of money it's unlikely to make any difference. There is one group that could apply some pressure: the Maize Rage. If they were to, say, all wear black t-shirts and observe in total silence as Michigan fumbled away games against Ohio State and Michigan State that would be obvious to television cameras, create some national attention, and potentially increase the pressure on the administration to fire the worst head coach ever in anything ever ever. It would entail being sort of a dick to the players, granted.

Etc.: Barry Larkin article; the Law Library is the #94th best building in the country; Yost Built on last weekend's return to reality for the Michgian hockey team.

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