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Friday, October 12, 2007

The Dot Com. Thanks to the kind assistance of Drew Montag from I've acquired the rights to, now a valid place to point your browser to get to this location. No more "blogspot" when explaining this place to your friends.

In the offseason I might move off blogger to a Wordpress blog located there; we will see. There are Wordpress plugins that would allow the blog to have a better commenting system, diaries (probably), and other cool stuff that I've wanted to implement for a while. Downsides: given the levels of traffic MGoBlog is receving, a dedicated server might be required, which is more expensive than the current hosting thing, and this place has amazing google juice. It's on the first page for "Michigan Football," in front of MLive and GBW. (But behind the MZone. Damn you, MZone!) Giving that up would suck. But it's under consideration.

Ads, Ack. Ah, grim "monetization." As this is now a profession it's unfortunately a requirement. If you don't have adblocking you are probably noticing a big banner on the right hand side of the blog. I am testing out some ad stuff; I hope this isn't too bothersome. At the moment I'm pretty annoyed with the Ad Council stuff -- it moves! I hate it when ads move -- and this might be temporary to the extreme; I hope to strike a balance between irritation and paying rent. Any suggestions are welcome.

Stubhub stuff. If you're looking for tickets to the game, the left sidebar has a number of Stubhub affiliate links. Like this one for Ohio State. It helps the blog if you use them, and you like helping the blog, right?