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Friday, October 12, 2007

A quick one... hockey at 5:30.

Anti-crony. Les Miles has the top defense in the country and possibly the top defensive coordinator, and this is how it came about:

Ask any player or coach, and they'll tell you Pelini couldn't be a better fit at LSU. Head coach Les Miles said he knew he'd gotten a gem when he plucked Pelini away from Oklahoma following the 2004 season.

Miles was the head coach at Oklahoma State when Pelini was at Nebraska. After watching game tape, Miles thought he'd figured out a way to expose the Cornhuskers' defense.

"But when we played them," Miles said, "they ended up using a totally different scheme. They beat us, and after that I started watching more and more of their film. He was coming up with different plans every week. Each game it evolved."

Miles knew he wanted that kind of strategist on his staff, and he was also impressed by the newspaper articles he read about the way Nebraska's players got behind Pelini and urged the administration – albeit unsuccessfully – to hire him as their head coach.

"Those players wanted him to be there, and that said a lot," Miles said. "At that point I had never met him, but I knew I wanted him on my staff."
This is, as I've said, slightly different than our current approach, at least on the offensive side of the ball. I've had a few

Hey, that's great, you're insane. Annette Legion, Alex Legion's mother, is bats. Seriously:
"I had no clue Kentucky was a basketball school. No clue," Annette Legion said. "But God knew."

When asked about God's interest in her son, she quietly, almost as an aside, made a startling claim.

"Me being a prophet, he has truly ordered my son's steps," she said matter-of-factly.
Ha ha, lolmsm, that must be taken out of conte--
"I'm a prophet," she said, "someone who can prophesize about your future and what's going on in your life."

Although she has more important concerns, especially now as an evangelist for a Lexington church, Legion volunteered a look into the basketball future that's sure to please the Wildcat faithful.

"The Lord has shown me: They're going to the Final Four," she said, before adding a qualifier, "providing they play together."

Was this a prophecy? A prediction? Merely wishful thinking?

"I have spoken these things into existence," she said. "It's not by accident that my son is here and now the Final Four is in Michigan."
She's moved down to Lexington, where she's "employed" at a church that has 25 parishioners. Sketchy!

Oh, the love. I linked an EDSBS parody post on the upcoming BC-ND game on the sidebar, then checked the comments at Orson's urging. Said comments are delightful because they're full of people who don't get that this daywalker pictured didn't actually write the thing, once again proving that the NDNation mentality is impossible to parody. You can write whatever crazy insanity about "Our Mother" you want, and someone has already seen your batshit and gone all-in over the top. Meanwhile...

You stay classy, South Bend.

Meanwhile, Charlie Weis answers a question about motivation:
So this is not a motivation factor?

“No, no personal motivation factor. I think the most important thing is that we have one win and we’re trying to get number two. I have to be concerned with our program; I can’t be concerned with theirs. I think that’s really the biggest motivation driving me.”
I love this; he answers this question about motivation about himself. There is no coach with a higher I:we ratio in the history of football; Weis takes all that "rah team" crap and inverts it into "rah me".

More "chemistry." Nate Fenno has an update on the scathing quotes from media day about the outgoing seniors and their complete lack of giving a crap. Brent Petway:
"There were a couple times we weren't playing too hard. There were some people who weren't giving us their maximum effort," Petway said. "When you try to be a good teammate and tell them to pick it up, it's just in people's heads that they don't want to do it."
K'len Morris:
"(Last year's seniors) were more concerned with what other people were doing instead of themselves. That was the biggest problem. ... I've already noticed in open gyms this year it's more of a winning attitude than a me attitude. If C.J. (Lee's) got the hot hand, we're going to feed the flame until the flame is dead. That's what we lacked last year."
DeShawn Sims:
"The coach is the nucleus and we revolve around him. If he demands more than we do ourselves, we're willing to work for it. I think we have a good connection there. I think being on the same page is key."
Worst. Coach. Ever.

Charles Woodson a walking Heisman:
Robinson: So where is your Heisman nowadays?

Woodson: My mother keeps it.

Robinson: Do you ever have the urge to carry that thing around on vacation like hockey teams do when they win the Stanley Cup?

Woodson: Nah, that's not something I feel like I need to be taking anywhere. It's a pretty special trophy, but it's pretty heavy at the same time. It's good where it's at. I don't need to be riding around with that thing and then have something happen and the trophy is in the car with me. I don't need that.

Robinson: I don't know, I think if I had won the Heisman I would buy a backpack and just carry that thing around everywhere I went.

Woodson: (Laughing) Well, I'm a walking Heisman, you know?
Etc.: Varsity Blue thinks MSU-UM will be on the BTN; get yer DirectTV now; HBO showing an OSU-UM documentary soon; RBUAS; Hart #1 on this guy's Heisman list.