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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Right. Fanblogs:

The Michigan Rivals site - The - is reporting that Kirk Ferentz will not be the next head coach at Michigan, citing a source second only to Ferentz himself.
Fanblogs sites a premium message board post, quoting it, which seems ethically dubious, but linking to something ethically dubious is fine(!). Plus, if you read the comments here you know already. Rivals is usually pretty circumspect, so the stridency of that post should be taken as a sign of extreme confidence in the information. (It should be noted that this is the second time The Wolverine has schooled everyone on a major coaching search, as they were way out in front of the Beilein thing. Credit where due.)

Speculation now defaults to...

...that guy in Louisiana.*

There is significant buzz that Miles is a done deal as soon as LSU gets done with the SEC championship game from both the premium boards on the paysites and my inbox, but he was supposed to be a done deal a while ago. We'll see; he has support from a lot of important people but obviously not the most important one who's not Bill Martin: Lloyd Carr. The Ferentz thing is a solid indicator of that. (And, yes, there was most definitely a Ferentz thing getting pushed very hard by Carr and others -- this is "Ferentz is no longer a candidate," not "was never.")

There's little out there on the internet yet that can be taken even a little bit seriously; this post from "Pigskin Football Guys" claims Miles has taken the job, but also claims Pelini is gone to be HC at Nebraska and Tenuta will be LSU's new DC at 600k per year, which is crazy if Miles is leaving. That seems to have no credence. Meanwhile, this from "Football Scoop"...
Michigan- Our sources say that Brian Kelly will be named HC if the interview doesn't turn off the Woman President
...gets negative one billion credibility points. Jimmy Carter will have no say in Michigan's coaching search. (ZING!)

Tigerdroppings is keeping an up-to-date thread with various MSM developments in the search and has an entire board dedicated to potential coaching changes; more as it develops.

*(No, I'm not seriously suggesting this flight had Miles on it: it's a DC-9, which seats like 100 people. The only reasonable explanation: Mark Mangino is going to be the next coach.)