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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Go to the basketball game and tune out for a couple hours and you come back to a dozen emails about this:

LSU athletic director Skip Bertman confirmed Wednesday night through spokesman Herb Vincent that his Michigan counterpart, Bill Martin, has officially requested permission to speak with Les Miles about becoming the next coach of the Wolverines.
These things rarely become public unless they're in the bag, so this is a strong indication Miles is a done deal. LSU is promising a counter-offer but unless they can suddenly be the program Bo built, it is unlikely to matter.

A significant number of people have sent in the same story: there is an old guard at Michigan strongly opposed to Miles' candidacy, while younger folk, big money donors, and those not as closely connected to the current regime support it. I get stuff from people on side A skeptical about Miles' chances; I get stuff from people on side B saying it's done. Like, done-done-done and going to be announced Monday. I lean towards the latter, and expect Miles will be the guy in a few days.