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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

An hour or so ago this blog linked to a Times-Picayune article that said Miles' contract wouldn't get officially done until January:

"We didn't know we were going to a national championship game," Bertman [LSU's AD] said, laughing. "We had arranged to sit down at a leisure time and fix it so it could be brought to the (LSU) Board (of Supervisors) Thursday with our bowl budget.

"Now the chancellor (Sean O'Keefe) and other board members might delay that until the next board meeting in January after the game."

This would give Michigan a faint pulse in re: arrgh get Miles. But LSU's chancellor says NSFMF:
Although LSU Athletic Director Skip Bertman said on Sunday that the contract may not be formally approved until January because of the national championship, O’Keefe said that is not true.

The contract will be ready for the LSU Board of Supervisors to approve during Thursday and Friday meetings, O’Keefe said Monday.

“We are moving this for Thursday consideration,” O’Keefe said. “That’s the plan. There was no other date discussed.”

That would put the nail in the coffin Thursday... or would it? The buyout doesn't appear to be going up:
The only aspects O’Keefe and LSU board members are intentionally being vague on are new clauses that O’Keefe said show Miles’ commitment to stay at LSU.

Miles’ existing $1.25 million buyout for going to Michigan should remain untouched, O’Keefe said.

Weems called the unknown clauses “ancillary matters” and LSU board Chairman Jerry Shea referred to them as a “win-win” for LSU and Miles.

So, hypothetically, if Bill Martin got religion here he could walk in with a comparable offer and still have a shot. Obviously that's not likely.