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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm trying to decide which internet rumor is the flat-out most insane:

Miles is still in play. Yeah. Miles contract guarantees him a heap of money if he wins a national title. Now that he's got a shot at said national title, he's holding off on signing the extension he agreed to before the title game. And people say he'd be interested in the job if it was offered.

So maybe there's a chance? Well... we're dealing with three prideful men here and it will take Bill Martin getting his grovel on to do so. I think it's clear Michigan's AD just isn't that enthused about the idea of Miles, and that remains the largest hurdle.

The reason Miles couldn't get ahold of Martin on Saturday: Martin was on a sailboat. !!!

Obviously, if that's true Martin should be shot into the sun but I find that very, very doubtful.

Michigan might name Ron English an interim coach and try again in 2008. Rivals is apparently pushing this line of thought, and while they've obviously got some strong sources -- they were ahead of the pack on the Saturday disaster -- this would be the no-hyperbole worst decision in the history of coaching searches. Giving the job to English is crazy enough; giving it to him on a one-year basis is guaranteed to obliterate recruiting this year and next and will force Michigan into another awkward decision next year when Michigan goes like 8-4 and the NAACP is like "well? well?"

There would be a riot.

Alex Legion is transferring from Kentucky. Ha, just kidding, obviously this is beyond belief. Uh... this isn't a rumor.

Wildcats freshman shooting guard Alex Legion has decided to transfer, said sources close to the situation.

According to one source, the move primarily concerned Gillispie - and wasn't about playing time.

God's plan remains inscrutable for the young Legion. I actually feel bad for the kid even though his recruitment helped screw Michigan out of something like five different players (Kalin Lucas and Durrell Summers didn't want to play with him and went to MSU, he decommitted right before Patrick Beverly chose Arkansas, recommitted right before Michigan was going to offer Laval Lucas-Perry, and finally re-decommitted when Beilein came in), since his mother is clearly bats and it's hard to be anything approaching normal when your mother thinks she's a prophet.