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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Anyone looking for a good reason to bash recruiting coverage despite overwhelming evidence of statistical validity should seize upon this will-Pryor-sign-tomorrow tempest in a teapot; yesterday two media outlets (Rivals and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) had a stupid tiff about whether Pryor was 80 percent sure or 50 percent sure he'd sign on Signing Day. The Post-Gazette put up an article stating Pryor would sign and had eliminated Oregon; Rivals responded with a bitchy little piece about how "other published reports" were wrong.

Guess who's now rushing to tell you that Pryor will OMG sign tomorrow ($; meat in headline)? Rivals. This is news because Rivals said that Pryor might not sign yesterday after the Post-Gazette said he would. So hurray for all that.

Anyway, the meat: at 12:05 we get to find out whether Terrelle Pryor is the savior of the Michigan program or the most overrated recruit in the history of everything and a sloppy dresser to boot.