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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It is time once again for the College Football Blogger Awards. As your reigning overlord, Every Day Should Be Saturday is the host and has kicked off festivities with the barely-formatted hunk of ugly that is his gift to other bloggers: yes, you do something better than Orson. Even if it's just putting together a slightly less crappy table.

I've got official nominees for four separate awards. Now for some pregame pump-up:

Dur du dur! Dur dur dur dur dur dur dur! Dur dur dur dur! Dur!

(For the illiterate or whatever: previous line is so obviously the opening riff to "Eye of the Tiger." Learn to READ.)


Best National Blog

Votin' StyleBlogger Vote
Reigning Miss USASunday Morning Quarterback
OMG Five Finalists

People's Champ

Votin' StyleAnyone can vote, even Kim Jong-Il, which is ironic.
Soon to suffer a coup:N/A. New.
Do you smell, etc?

Funniest Blog

Votin' StyleBlogger Vote
Reigning Miss USAEDSBS
Send in the Clowns

Best Youtube

Vote like a what?Blogger Vote
Chief dispenser of whoahN/A. New.
Engage techno