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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Update 2/5: Removed OH WR Roy Roundtree (premium article but the meat is in the headline/header).

PRYOR EEEE PRYOR EEEE: He's not deciding... unless he is! Jack McCallum knows jack and says OSU; Tom Luginbill also knows jack and says Michigan.

Editorial Opinion: Pryor either will or will not announce his college choice on Signing Day. Given the vast tide of public opinion pointing towards Ohio State it would be better if he delayed, which is either a 10-20 percent chance or a 50-50 chance depending on whether you listen to Pryor from yesterday morning or Pryor from yesterday afternoon. The yesterday morning bit was covered... er... yesterday. The yesterday afternoon one:

"I spoke to Pryor, and he said the report was incorrect," Farrell said. "He said was still 50/50 whether he'd sign or not, and Oregon is not eliminated. He said it's still Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State if he signs Wednesday, and Oregon is in the mix if he waits."
Whatever. Anyone who cares what the exact fake percentage is Pryor announces tomorrow should stop, shower, and go outside, and that's coming from a guy who's 50-50 to put on pants on any particular day. I mean 80-90 percent to put on pants. And the pants might still be from J. Crew unless the moon is gibbous, in which case the pants will definitely not be from J. Crew. Unless they are.

While the bulk of public opinion remains Ohio State, Scout guru Bob Lichtenfels -- the guy Pryor called to break the Rodriguez-to-Michigan news -- keeps flitting around Penn State boards saying vaguely positive things about a late Penn State push. Michigan has its own advocate in ESPN's Tom Luginbill, who's consistently said he believes M is the place for him, albeit in CYA terms. The latest:
Tom Luginbill, national recruiting director for ESPN Scouts Inc., gives the Wolverines a slight advantage in this quarterback derby because of Rodriguez.

"I really believe Ohio State, early on, was the front-runner, as well as Tennessee, until David Cutcliffe left for Duke," Luginbill said.

"Then all of a sudden, the Rich Rodriguez scenario took place and vaulted this thing into the stratosphere."

"Terrelle Pryor can run that offense. He knows it. Rich Rodriguez knows it. And it would be an opportunity to start the process off with him in that scheme and have him essentially be the guy the minute he steps onto the field," Luginbill said. "Not just because he's talented enough, but because he's the only one who can run it. And I think that obviously that has to be intriguing if you're Terrelle Pryor."
ESPN has proven itself completely useless in the prediction game, unfortunately, but if you wish to concoct crazy stories about the WWL leveraging his appearance on the network into killer inside info, be my guest. It will make you feel better for somewhere between a day and around two months.

And, hey, unreliable rumor site College Football Talk -- an offshoot of completely unreliable rumor site Pro Football Talk -- says Michigan thinks it wins:
A source close to the Michigan coaching staff tells CFT that head coach Rich Rodriguez believes top high school recruit Terrelle Pryor will announce tomorrow that he's going to Michigan.
Pro Football Talk has developed a reputation for getting information no one else is able to... hopefully this is their first big college splash.

This is always fun: Every year the Detroit News sends out a survey to its top 15 instate recruits asking them about their best and worst experiences and why not MSU or UM (or both if someone leaves the State). Once you get down into the double-digits asking the "why not M?" question gets cruel, though, especially for kids committed to State. MSU commit Charles Burrell:
Why not U-M? I didn't receive a scholarship offer from Michigan. That was the school I always wanted to go to. It was kind of disappointing they didn't offer me. I worked real hard to receive an offer.
Awwww. Aw. Poor kid.

Then there's Jonas Gray's story:
Why not U-M? I'm pretty close with people who have ties with U-M. My track coach, Stanley Edwards, is one. I got turned off when they offered me as an athlete. I ran a 4.3 (40-yard dash) at their camp and thought that would be good enough that they would offer me as a running back. Plus I knew coach (Lloyd) Carr wouldn't be there for four years.
It'll be interesting to see how he works out at Notre Dame. Michigan actually offered then-whodat Mike Cox over Gray despite Gray's blazing camp 40. No offense to Jonas, but I hope he kinda sucks because watching him excel would be tres frustrating.