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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

When Saginaw PG Tory Jackson committed to Notre Dame, I levelled an accusation at Tommy Amaker's defenders that the 2007 class would end up being as disappointing as the last two classes. 2007 SG Alex Legion--currently a 5-star ranked in the top 20 by both Rivals and Scout--went a long way to making that prediction look about as good as all the rest of mine by committing today.

This is an unambiguously super-awesome development for the Wolverines as Legion's extremely early commitment is both an impressive piece of recruiting by Tommy Amaker and possibly an indication to the rest of the loaded instate '07 class that Michigan is a place to consider taking your game. That didn't work out so hot this year, but given the choice between having Legion and not, er, I'll take Legion.